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At the apex of NoMa, H Street Corridor and Union Market, it's all right on your doorstep.

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    Living in Noma, DC

    Over the years, NoMa has transformed from an industrial area into a dynamic urban center that caters to a well-rounded lifestyle. Here's what to know if you're considering moving to the area:

    What and Where is NoMa?
    NoMA stands for North of Massachusetts Avenue, referring to its location in relation to one of DC's major thoroughfares.

    NoMa is situated in the northeast quadrant of Washington DC, just north of Massachusetts Avenue. The neighborhood falls within Ward 6 of DC, and its central location makes it easily accessible from various parts of the city. Residents can enjoy convenient transportation options including the Union Station transportation hub nearby.

    Formerly an industrial district dominated by warehouses and factories, NoMa has undergone significant redevelopment in recent years. Today, it's a vibrant mixed-use neighborhood characterized by modern apartment buildings, office spaces, retail establishments, and green spaces. The area seamlessly blends historic charm with contemporary amenities, attracting residents and visitors alike.

    Why Choose to Live Here?
    * Urban Lifestyle: Enjoy living near trendy restaurants, cafes, and cultural venues.
    * Proximity to Downtown: Located near Washington, D.C.'s city center.
    * Transportation Accessibility: The nearby metro, buses, and bike lanes make commuting convenient.
    * Green Spaces: Parks and recreational areas provide opportunities for outdoor activities and relaxation.
    * Development Boom: Continuous growth means new housing options, amenities, and job opportunities.
    * Diversity: A mix of residents from different backgrounds creates a lively and inclusive community.
    * Arts and Culture: Galleries, theaters, and public art installations contribute to a dynamic cultural scene.
    * Dog-Friendly: Numerous parks and pet-friendly amenities cater to dog owners.
    * Sustainability: Emphasis on eco-friendly practices and LEED-certified buildings (like The Hale!) promote a sustainable lifestyle.

    Is the NoMa Neighborhood in DC Safe?
    Safety is always a top priority for any neighborhood, and NoMa has made considerable strides in this area. While like any urban area, it's essential to remain aware of your surroundings, NoMa has seen substantial improvements in safety thanks to increased development, and community initiatives.

    What is There to Do?
    NoMa offers lots of activities and attractions to suit every interest. For art enthusiasts, the area boasts galleries and public art installations, while foodies can indulge at its numerous hot spots. Additionally, NoMa's proximity to Union Market provides access to a vibrant food hall experience featuring local vendors and artisans. Residents can also enjoy outdoor recreation at nearby parks and green spaces, perfect for leisurely strolls or picnics on sunny days. Here are a few favorite spots to explore near the The Hale:

    • Union Market (.5 miles) - A local culinary and shopping hub blending food, culture, and community in an urban atmosphere.
    • Wunder Garden (.1 miles) - Vibrant outdoor beer garden with a curated selection of German and craft beers.
    • Laos in Town (.3 miles) - Authentic Southeast Asian cuisine inspired by the vibrant and simple flavors of Laos.
    • Metropolitan Branch Trail (.5 miles)- A paved, eight-mile walking, jogging, and biking trail between Union Station and Silver Spring station.
    • 11 Eleven Gallery - Contemporary art gallery focused on bridging the gap between the US and UK art markets.

    What Are the Boundaries of the NoMa Neighborhood?
    While the exact boundaries of NoMa may vary depending on who you ask, it's generally considered to be bounded by North Capitol Street to the west, New York Avenue NE to the south, and Florida Avenue NE to the north. Its eastern boundary is less defined but typically extends to the Metropolitan Branch Trail and the railroad tracks that border it.

    Sustainable Modern Luxury at The Hale

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